Thijs Hovers is a Partner at Lucerne Capital Management currently

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Thijs Hovers is a Partner at Lucerne Capital Management currently. Lucerne Capital Management is a firm that has experienced amazing growth during the last couple of years. Thijs Hovers’ involvement has certainly played a role in the consistent growth of Lucerne Capital Management. Today, he is serving as the Senior Investment Analyst at the firm. In this role, he analyzes which investments are prudent and which involve too much risk or downside.

Before Thijs Hovers worked at Lucerne Capital Management he was involved at ABN AMRO. He served at ABN AMRO as the Head of Small-Cap Equity Research. He has held a number of positions at several firms, his experience plays a large role in his professional success. Before working at ABN AMRO, Thijs Hovers was employed at Rabobank, where he held the position of Senior Analyst. In a number of different positions, Thijs Hovers has worked with equity and investments in a number of facets. He is well equipped to deal with the issues in these fields.

Thijs Hovers attended the University of Amsterdam, receiving a degree from that institution in Economics. He would later obtain his Masters of Arts degree in International Finance from the University of Amsterdam as well.

Thijs Hovers has a special talent for protecting the investments of others. This is essentially his main responsibility as the Senior Investment Analyst at Lucerne Capital Management, to ensure that the investments of their clients are protected and show a potential for growth. Ensuring the happiness of his clients through solid investment returns and workable strategies is a key part of his job, as well. The point is to make the market work for their clients, first and foremost.

Lucerne Capital Management is a well respected name when it comes to financial investments. They emphasize long-term stability and annualized returns in their investment strategies, rather than the often-risky strategy of chasing monthly gains, which is ultimately short-sighted. Providing clients with financial stability is Lucerne Capital Management and Thijs Hovers’ main goal and in this regard they have been very successful.